Give to View

1. Create a video 

Get your family and friends to watch it in exchange for a donation to LLST.

You can ask them to give as little as one pound or however much you like.

Or even leave it up to them to decide how much to give.

2. Content

Your video should start with a brief introduction, telling the viewer what they're about to see and how much they need to donate to see it.

You can tell them about LLST and why access to justice is important to you. 

3. Once you've uploaded your video

You'll be asked to mark the point at which your introduction ends. This is where your video will be paused.

To see past this point the viewer will need to make a donation to your cause and voilà!

It's a very quick, fun and easy way to turn your talents into good deeds! The more people you can get to watch your video, the more money you will raise.

You don't need to worry about any extra costs as membership is free! Just visit for more information or email


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