Event Fundraising

Money raised by charities through LLST (own events or having bought places)

Any charity that provides free legal advice (including pro bono services) can take part in LLST's events and raise 100% of the funds for themselves. We treat you as we would any other participant, you have your fundraising page made for you, gift aid form provided etc. but around 3 months after the event (when the online fundraising page closes) we will transfer you 100% of the funds you raised. If needed we are able to transfer funds before the 3 month deadline, for this you will need to send a request to elaine@llst.org.uk.

We do not deduct the admin/card processing fees or any of our costs. LLST subsidises these as part of our work. We simply want to help organisations fund their provision of specialist free legal advice, and are very pleased to see them helping themselves by fundraising at our events. In 2016 we gave away over £320,000 through event fundraising by charities.

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