LLW Items - Order Form to be Invoiced

    To pay via an invoice please use the form below and we will send you the invoice afterwards.

    If you are ordering personalised items, we will be in touch to ask for the logo / photo etc you wish to be added to these or you can send them (and any queries) to orders@llst.org.uk

    Delivery Charges
    Picking up your items on the day of the walk (from the stall at the street party) is FREE
    Delivery of wristbands cost £2 if you buy 1-10 items, £3 for 11-19, £5.99 for 20+ items.
    Delivery of mugs or bottles will be by courier at £5.99 up to 6 items, or £7.99 for 7+ items.
    Delivery of bags will be by courier at £5.99 up to 10 items, or FREE for 10+!
    (if you are having a courier delivery, wristbands can be included free. If you are ordering a mixture of mugs/bottles and bags you can use one courier as well).

    All prices include VAT 

    LLW Merchandise

    LLW Merchandise Orders




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