Guildford Legal Walk 2016


Guildford Legal Walk 2016

The Guildford Legal Walk is a 10km walk through the Surrey countryside, starting at the Guildford Combined Court and ending with a reception kindly laid on by Clyde & Co in their Guildford offices.

The Guildford Legal Walk raises funds primarily for Surrey Law Centre and over the past few years has literally kept the Centre alive. With only a small number of legal advice agencies in the area, it is vital that we help keep its doors open in order for it to be able to continue to provide its valuable services to the community.

The 2016 walk was a great success. 250 walkers led by Lord and Lady Toulson and a large team of local judges raised over £11,500 - thanks to everyone who took part!

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You can find photos from the 2016 Guildford Legal Walk here 


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See below for a list of organisations and individuals who took part in 2016.

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