What time & where?
The event starts at 8.30am so make sure you get there with plenty of time. We start at Norton Rose Fulbright's office at 3 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AQ.The half marathon ends at The Rocket pub, Brewhouse Lane, Putney. The full Marathon ends at the Prince of Wales pub in Bridge Street, Hampton Court (near the station).
You can also opt to do the second half of marathon as a half marathon from Putney - Hampton Court. This starts a little later at 12:30pm.

How long is the walk?
You can complete a half, or full marathon (13.1, or 26.2 miles); you will be provided with a route map on the day.
The time taken to complete these will depend if you walk or run. The average time to walk a marathon is 8 hours, though people tend to take it at a leisurely pace stopping at cafes and for lunch along the way.
Do I have to walk?
No - you can walk, run, jog, or even cycle if you if you wish, but please be aware that our public indemnity insurance is for walking and running only. If you choose to cycle please be aware that Thames Path rules apply.
Are there facilities en route?
There are no designated toilets or water stops along the route, but there are plenty of shops and restaurants who are usually quite accommodating.
First aid on the walk is provided by St. John Ambulance first aiders on push bikes. There will be a mobile number provided to call in a bike to any injury.
What should I bring with me?
As well as suitable footwear, you may like to bring water, and a waterproof just in case! We love to see your pictures from the walk, so do bring your camera or phone and email them in or tweet us with #legalwalk.
Can a colleague / child / friend join?
Yes - the more the merrier! Please just send us an email with their names and we will add them to your fundraising page for you, and update our website. Make sure they have the offline sponsorship form so they can start fundraising.
Can I bring my pet?
Yes! Dogs are a regular feature of the walk. Dogs often raise more funds than their humans so please let us know if you would like to add your 4 legged friends to your fundraising page.
What happens afterwards?
At the end of the walk, all the teams are invited to join us at either pub (depending on the length of route you are completing) where we will buy you a drink to celebrate! Whilst you are chatting and relaxing, we will tally up a rough figure for the amount fundraised so we know what we have achieved. You can hand in sponsorship forms, cash, cheques etc on the day if you wish, or post them to us as soon as you receive them.
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