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Hastings Legal Walk 2017

Walkers Ready To Start In Bexhill Geoff Wearing His Badge  Hastings Legal Walk 2017

Lawyers from the Hastings area walked the 9th annual Hastings Legal Walk on Monday (18th September) to raise over £4,000 for Hastings' advice agencies, Citizens Advice 1066, Hastings Advice and Representation Centre and the Hastings branch of Brighton Housing Trust.

Led by Geoff Longmire of Heringtons solicitors, President of the Hastings & District Law Society, the 50 walkers had the choice of walking from Bexhill to Hastings or a 10km circular route around the town.

In addition to a large team from Heringtons, law firm teams in the walk came from Elaine Parkes Solicitors, Gaby Hardwicke and Gurney Harden. They were joined by accountants from Ashdown Hurrey as well as staff and volunteers from the voluntary agencies.  

Bob Nightingale, commended the lawyers for supporting local advice agencies saying: -  

 "Since the first walk, life has become even harder for the most disadvantaged people. Austerity has caused hardship among the poorest people and created problems such as debt and homelessness. Often the advice agencies are the only place where those people can get help. Now changes to the benefits rules for people with disabilities is creating even more pressure on the advice agencies.

"2013 cuts to legal aid for many areas of welfare law mean that people who can't afford t pay a solicitor can no longer turn to high street solicitors for help with matters such as benefits, employment or disrepair.

It's fantastic that local lawyers will turn out year after year to raise funds to help to ease that problem,"

The advice agencies  work together in the Hastings Advice Hub to help thousands of people every year. Some of the work the walk supports at the Hastings Hub includes:

BHT prevented 302 people and families from becoming homeless in the past year and

secured a total of £2,042,452.56 in benefits for those affected by Cancer.
HARC secured a total of £4,901,879.29 in previously unclaimed benefits.

Of which £2,197,988.14 was disability benefits.
MoneyAdvice (Citizens Advice 1066) have helped over 16,500 people in the past year and dealt with over £5,600,000.00 of debt

The Hastings legal walk is sponsored by DG Legal and Legal Voice. Thanks to this generous support all funds raised from the walk go directly to the advice agencies.



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Hastings Legal Walk Raffle

We'll be runnig a raffle at the Hastings Legal Walk. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase on the day.

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'This is a perfect pub: a proper pub that serves proper beer and proper food'  Matthew Fort - The Guardian 

A huge thank you to The First In Last Out for donating a dinner for 2 to the raffle.

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