Drinks at the Street Party

Donate your Drinks Ticket

Every walker will receive a drinks voucher at the start of the walk which you can redeem for a free drink at the Knights Templar's indoor or outdoor bars, or at any bar in the Law Society.

Make sure that if you aren't using your voucher, you donate it to us instead (donation boxes will be at registration and at the bars) - not only will you save LLST money in not paying for it, but thanks to our wonderful sponsors Everlaw and Julius Rutherford we will receive a £1 donation per voucher for the first 3,000 vouchers donated!

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Get More Vitamins

Replenish and revive with some delicious vitamin drinks! More Drinks are a range of sugar-free vitamin drinks with ranges for Adults - Get More 500ml - and Kids - A Little More 330ml. Get More will be handing out samples at the start and finish of the Walk. You can also exchange your drinks vouchers for Get More or purchase a bottle for a charitable donation.

Get More will be offering samples and information about their delicious range, with the opportunity to make a donation to LLST for a bottle of vitamin drink. 

Since launching in Summer 2013, they have been hugely popular and now sell at many supermarkets and other locations nationwide. We are thrilled that they'll be there to spread the vitamin happiness!

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