Lead Walkers 2019

Lord Burnett  - The Lord Chief Justice    

Lady Hale - President of the Supreme Court    

Sir Terrence Etherton - Master of the Rolls

Jeremy Wright QC MP - The Attorney General

Robert Buckland QC MP - The Solicitor General

Christina Blacklaws- President of the Law Society  

Richard Adkins QC - Chairman of the Bar Council

Philip Sherwood- President of CILEx


Supreme Court and alumni

Court of Appeal  and alumni
Lord Justice Haddon-Cave, Dame Elizabeth Gloster, Lord Justice Faux, Lord Justice Floyd

High Court
Mr Justice Knowles, Mr Justice Birss, Mrs Justice Cockerill, Mr Justice Green,
Mrs Justice Simler, Mr Justice Snowden

Circuit Judges

HHJ Nicholas Hilliard QC - the Recorder of London
HHJ Richard Marks- the Common Sergeant of London
HHJ Tim Lamb QC, 

District Judges
DJ Nightingale,

Tribunal Judges
John Keith, Paul Shaerf

Andrew Kell, Mike Ricketts, Emma Hanwell, Julian Neal, Rita Golden, Manjit Buttar, 
Claire Buckland, Trish Thomson, Sue Kayser, Vivian McCarthy

Dominic Grieve QC MP, Andy Slaughter MP

Rob "Judge" Rinder 

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