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James Harper

James Harper -

External position

UK General Counsel (currently on secondment as Head of Customer Engagements) at LexisNexis


When did you first get involved with LLST?

Summer 2017 as a Trustee.  However, I have acted as the Exec Sponsor of LexisNexis UK's Rule of Law program for the last few years, so have had the opportunity to work with and adjacent to the Trust in that role (including through our support of the Legal Walk).


What is your favourite part of the role?

 Having the opportunity to work more closely with, and directly support, the people and communities seeking to protect access to justice as a fundamental right. 


What is the worst part of the role?

Funds are never going to be unlimited, so there will always be some applications that we cannot fully support.  Turning down anyone that is looking to help those in need is always an incredibly challenging decision.


Have there been any memorable moments?

While I was in private practice, I spent a number of years volunteering at a clinic in London as a debt advisor.  Seeing the direct impact that my small contribution could make was a foundational experience.  I have since been lucky to combine my day job with a role leading LexisNexis UK's Rule of Law work - a great opportunity at a company which places advancing the Rule of Law at the very centre of its strategy.


What do you hope to see in the future for LLST/the agencies we support?

I would like to see the agencies that we work with flourish and grow, through adopting innovative ways to operate more efficiently and effectively, meaning LLST and other funding can go further to support those that need it most.


When you are not working or volunteering what can you be found doing?

Spending time with my wife, two sons and - when they let me - two cats.  Supporting, and being frustrated by, West Ham.  Playing football (badly) and running (slowly).


Favourite book or film?

'Heavy Weather' by PG Wodehouse or 'The Moon is Down' by John Steinbeck

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