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    Kishan Mathy's Jump for Justice

    Heroic daredevil Kishan Mathy faced his ultimate fears and SKYDIVED in support of LLST on Monday 31st August 2015.

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    "We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone"

    Law student and LLST supporter Kishan Mathy did a sponsored plane jump to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust.

    He has raised over £300 to help free legal advice agencies.

     Kishan3Screenshot 2015-09-18 23.10.36Kishan Mathy Skydive

    He says "I strongly believe everyone should have access to justice and receive the help they deserve. We all need help and assistance in one way or another, and it should never be unattainable. I hope you will join me in helping someone somewhere to make their pain a little less by taking away the burden of cost".

    Kishan has raised over £300 - all the money raised will be donated to the LLST, with Kishan having paid the costs of skydiving.

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