Magistrates Create Fundraising Cookbook - Sells Like Hot Cakes!

    Magistrates and staff sitting for Wimbledon and Lavender Hill courts have created a recipe book over recent months which comprises a varied selection of their favourite recipes. The book (seen below) is entitled;

    'Court in the Act (of Cooking) from the South West London Bench. Our Favourite Recipes for Your Pleasure (as opposed to at Her Majesty's)'

    The cookbook has now sold every copy of the 250 printed, first being sold at their Bench Christmas Party, where copies were sold at £5.00 a pop and thereafter at £6.50 a copy, with proceeds being donated to the London Legal Support Trust.




    With their culinary and publishing skills, they have raised over £600.

    For this they have earned our hearftfelt thanks, and our stomach felt hunger pangs.

    Bon appetit!


    Two Magistrates

    Magistrates Ginny Curry and Barbra Brown outside Wimbledon Courthouse with the sell out cook book.

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