FAQs for team organisers


There are a few questions that people always ask - here are some answers

Q. How long is the walk?

A.  Both routes are 10km long which would take most people around 2-3 hours to walk. Running enthusiasts are welcome to run the route though please be mindful of crossings as roads will not be closed and the sun will set at 18:28 on the 5th October.

Q. Is there an entry fee?

A. No. We do not charge an entry fee for teams* or walkers. However this is a fundraising event so please do enter with the intention of raising some money. If you need help or advice with how to get sponsorship or alternative ways to boost your team's total we'd be happy to help. 

* the one exception to this being where a team has taken part previously and raised no funds at all, then we will ask for a minimum donation per walker. 

Q. What is the route / can we see a map in advance?

A. Three routes are available to reduce congestion on pavements. 

Parks Route Map

River Route Map

Accessible Route Map - Thanks to the Disability Justice Project, there is a recommended fully accessible route which can be viewed here.

Please note that the Parks Route is also accessible, but there is a deep patch of gravel at Horse Guards that it is best to go around.

Q. Can non lawyers walk for our team?

A. Absolutely! Anyone can take part in the walk - lawyers, clients, support staff, friends and family are all welcome. It is your choice who is in your team. We do ask all walkers to gain sponsorship except for children coming to the walk with their parents - for whom it is an optional extra :)

Q. Can we walk with a dog?

A. Yes. Dogs (kept under reasonable control) are welcome on the walk. Some of our four legged walkers get better sponsorship than their humans! The Knights Templar puts out bowls of water for their free drink at the end.

Q. How early/ late can walkers start?

A. Registration will run from 3pm - 6pm at desks at the Lincoln's Inn Fields end of Carey Street. We recommend arriving between 3-5pm if possible to beat the crowds and the sunset!

Q. Is running the walk allowed?

A. Yes. Joggers and runners are welcome. Runners may wish to start a bit earlier than the bulk of walkers. It's quite hard to run through 15,000 walking lawyers. Please note we do not close off roads or road crossings so we cannot time runners and please be very careful when running!

Q. Is there somewhere we can leave things on the day?

A. Yes. There will be a staffed cloakroom at the Law Society from 3pm - 9.30pm.  Some of our stewards will staff the cloakroom. It's free but donations are of course welcome.

Q. What do I do with cash and cheques?

A. There will be a cash desk on the day of the event next to the booking desks in Carey Street. So cash/cheques /CAF vouchers etc. may be handed in there along with sponsorship forms (remember gift aid donations get an extra 25% from HMRC! Click here for the form) 

All cheques and CAF or KKL vouchers should be made out to London Legal Support Trust.
After the walk funds may be posted to: London Legal Support Trust, The National Pro Bono Centre, 48 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1JF

If it is easier to drop cash/cheques/vouchers off, Philippa or Nezahat will be happy to receive these at the National Pro Bono Centre, 48 Chancery Lane.

Even if you are walking for a voluntary agency's own team (or designating funds) the cheques should still be made out to LLST and sent to us. That is because they have to match the gift aid form. Don't worry, we will donate the money directly to the agency, we just do the admin work so it is easier for them to raise funds!

Q. Are there toilets along the route?

A. There are a number of public toilets along the routes. If you can't find one ask a route marshal where the nearest one is. The Law Society and the Knights Templar both have large toilets at the start and end. 

Q. How do we finish?

A. You simply need to arrive at Carey Street, Bell Yard, the Law Society or the Knights Templar and go to celebrate your efforts. That signals the end, you do not need to sign anything. You can then explore the end venues and the street party! At about 8.30pm to 9pm the lead walkers will visit the end venues and announce the 'result'.

Q. Can we order London Legal Walk T-shirts?

A. Yes! Our official T-shirt provider is Doculand. You will be able to order team T-shirts in due course.

Q. How do we arrange a team photo?

A. We will have plenty of professional photographers in Carey Street at the start to take team photos between 3pm and 6:30pm.

We do not have booking in slots for photos as with 800+ teams this has become impractical. Photos are offered on a first come first served basis.

Q. Can we nominate the legal advice agency that we are supporting?

A. Yes - we allow teams to designate up to 50% of the funds they raise to a specific agency (or agencies) if they have a significant partnership with the agency. A significant partnership would, for instance, be on-going pro bono, financial or management support. The agency must be a legal advice agency, or legal support agency (such as a network or PSU) that provides services in London or, for national/international agencies that are based in London (or in your region of your team comes from outside the LLST region).

Please contact us if you wish to designate funds.

Funds raised by legal advice agencies' own teams will be donated to the agency that raises the funds. We do not deduct any fees or costs from that money. 

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