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There are a few questions that people always ask - here are some answers

Q. What is the London Legal Walk 10xChallenge?

A. Following government advice in regards to social distancing, mass gatherings and non-essential social contact we are unable to host the London Legal Walk in its usual format in 2020. The London Legal Walk 10xChallenge is a virtual challenge that you can do from home, your office or in your local neighbourhood. Take on 10k your way, whether that's walking, running, skipping, hopping or space-hopping your way to 10km.

You can also showcase your skills by taking on a creative 10xChallenge to a multiple of 10 (10, 100, 1,000, 10,000). So, if you are a poet and didn't know it, a baker, backflipper or star jumping superstar it's the perfect time to display your talents to fundraise for a worthy cause.

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Q. Is there an entry fee?

A. No. We do not charge an entry fee for teams* or walkers. However this is a fundraising event so please do enter with the intention of raising some money. If you need help or advice with how to get sponsorship or alternative ways to boost your team's total we'd be happy to help. For some inspiration take a look at our fundraising tips.

* the one exception to this being where a team has taken part previously and raised no funds at all, then we will ask for a minimum donation per walker. 

Q. Can I still Walk the Walk?

A. If you are working in central London you can do our traditional river walk route joining in at the closest point to your office. Please note that there is no official start or end point or start time to reduce congestion and gathering. We will also not have marshals on the route - safe social distancing is the responsibility of the individual.

The Outdoor Guide have a brilliant selection of walks all over the UK, including 9 walks in London if you want to explore somewhere new.

Please find more details on our 10k Inspiration page.

If you are walking close to home it is best to stick to a quiet route you are familiar with where you can ensure safe social distancing. Don't forget you can also build up your step count walking on the spot in your living room or doing laps of the garden.

No matter the route you take please ensure that you practice social distancing. The current Covid-19 government guidance states that from Monday 14 September, when meeting friends and family you do not live with you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors. If you are meeting colleagues in your office to take part in the London Legal Walk 10xChallenge please follow your organisation's Covid-19 risk assessment policies.

For more information and the full list of guidelines please  click here

Q. Can non lawyers walk for our team?

A. Absolutely! Anyone can take part in the walk or 10xChallenge - lawyers, clients, support staff, friends and family, housemates, children and pets are all welcome. It is your choice who is in your team. 

Q. How early/ late can start?

A. As this year is a virtual challenge you can start any time you like on the 5th October. Sunset will be at 18:30 on the 5th October so if you are completing an outdoor activity please ensure you start early to make the most of the daylight.

If you are opting for one of the longer 10xChallenges such as reading 10 books, giving up a bad habit for 10,000 minutes or a team challenge to reach 10,000 together you can complete this anytime in October.

Q. Can we order London Legal Walk T-shirts?

A.  Doculand have been providing our T-shirts for the last 4 years, but due to the ongoing pandemic we have decided not to do merchandise for this year's virtual challenge (though please do feel free to recycle your old Legal Walk T-shirts in your photos).

Q. Can we nominate the legal advice agency that we are supporting?

A. Yes - we allow teams to designate up to 50% of the funds they raise to a specific agency (or agencies) if they have a significant partnership with the agency. A significant partnership would, for instance, be on-going pro bono, financial or management support. The agency must be a legal advice agency, or legal support agency (such as a network or PSU) that provides services in London or, for national/international agencies that are based in London (or in your region of your team comes from outside the LLST region).

Please contact us if you wish to designate funds.

Funds raised by legal advice agencies' own teams will be donated to the agency that raises the funds. We do not deduct any fees or costs from that money. 

Q. Cloakrooms, toilets and water

A. As there is no official route or street party this year there are no designated toilets or cloakrooms.  You can visit the Great British Public Toilet Map to find local toilets close to your chosen route.

We are unable to provide water at the start and in the parks this year, so please ensure you stay hydrated by taking water with you and any snacks should you need a mid-route boost!

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