Lead Walkers 2020

Lord Burnett  - The Lord Chief Justice    

Lord Reed - President of the Supreme Court    

Sir Terrence Etherton - Master of the Rolls

Suella Braverman MP - The Attorney General

Michael Ellis QC MP - The Solicitor General

Max Hill QC - Director of Public Prosecutions

Simon Davis  - President of the Law Society  

Amanda Pinto QC - Chair of the Bar Council

Matthew Foster - President of CILEx

 Lucy Frazer QC MP - Minister of State - MoJ 

Supreme Court and alumni

Court of Appeal and alumni

Lord Justice Haddon-Cave, Lord Justice Floyd, Lady Justice Simler, Lord Justice Flaux,
Dame Elizabeth Gloster, Mrs Justice Sara Cockeril, Mr Justice Colin Birss, Lord Judge, Lady Justice Carr, Mr Justice Kerr

High Court and alumni

Mr. Jutice Birss, Mrs Justice Cockerill, Sir Peter Gross, Mr Justice Murray, Mr Justice Tipples
Mrs Justice Farby, Mr Justice Fraser, Mrs Justice Steyn

Circuit Bench 

District Bench 

Philip Dixon, Lynda Nightingale 


Andrew Kell,

Tribunal judges 

Sara Jacobs, Jonathan Keyede, Richard Byrne, Rosie Porter, Andy Francis, Neema Begum, Attiya Hussein, Shabana Bibi, Sara Jacobs , Tracey Yeo , Linda O'Conner, Linda Williams, Russell Ward, Sucheta Krishnaswamy

Rob Rinder

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