Social Media Toolkit

Want to share your London Legal Walk 10xChallenge efforts online? Download our social media toolkit!

Whether you are taking on 10k your way or a unique 10xChallenge, as part of a team or individually, we have created a variety of social media images for you to share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 


Add your organisation's logo:

If you are taking part in the London Legal Walk 10xChallenge with your organisation, there are images for each social media platform that include a blank space for you to add a logo of your choice.

SAMPLE Personalised Logo


Taking part individually:

If you are joining the London Legal Walk 10xChallenge by yourself or as part of Team LLST, simply choose the 'Individual' images to download. These include the LLST logo so you don't need to add anything yourself.

LLW10x 10k My Way Individual 3


Why We Walk posts:

In order to encourage people to sponsor your efforts it is important to help them understand the vital need for the funds raised by the London Legal Walk 10xChallenge. Do this by sharing a 'Why We Walk' image, which details some of the key areas that are supported by free frontline legal advice charities including homelessness, discrimination and exploitation. A poster is also available within the toolkit.

LLW10x Why We Walk Individual


Share a Facebook or Instagram story:

Download a ready-made story from the toolkit to share on either your personal account or on your organisation's account stories. Stories only last 24 hours but allow you to include animation and a 'swipe-up' link to your fundraising page, so are a great way to share your efforts alongside a permanent post.


Taking on a 10xChallenge?

We have created images that include the variety of challenges that people have pledged to take on so far - from walking and running, to cycling and yoga. However, if you are taking on a different activity and would like some personalised social media images to reflect this, do get in touch with us by sending an email to


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